The Purest Gold at the Tightest Prices

The Purest Gold at the Tightest Prices

How to Make Investing in Gold Simple, Secure & Cost Effective

DEEP UNDERGROUND in a secure vault in Zurich, Switzerland sits a gram of gold.

It’s yours if you’d like it, for free, today.

The gram is part of a 400-ounce gold bar, the only kind of bullion that professional dealers and international banks will buy and sell. It is 99.5% pure gold or better.

And it’s never left the care of professional bullion vault operators…not since the day it was first cast, assayed, and delivered by armored truck through the streets of Switzerland.

This means your free gram of gold is guaranteed to be top-quality. So you can forget about wide “dealing spreads” between the buying and selling price. It will trade on the international gold market almost bang on the ‘spot’ price you see quoted on the internet and in your newspaper.

Find out more, and to claim your free gold here.

No, you can’t fly out to Zurich tonight and collect your free gram of gold after breakfast tomorrow. It has to remain within that 400-ounce bar to keep its integrity and value.

And that bar — worth more than $365,000 at today’s price — has to stay in the bullion vault.

You see, the quality of a gold bar must be guaranteed if it’s going to trade on the international gold market. Wall Street banks, London bullion traders and Tokyo investment funds only deal in top-quality warranted gold.

And now you can join them.

BullionVault enables you to trade the purest gold at the tiniest spreads…with no delivery charges, minimal insurance fees, and storage costs to make your local bank blush.

Your free gram of pure gold — just like the seven tonnes of gold BullionVault now stores on behalf of people from 62 different countries worldwide — is held in the form of 400-ounce “good delivery” bars. It will retain full resale value on the professional market.

And most importantly, your free gram will belong to you outright if you choose to fund your account and add to this gold, just as it would if you bought it and kept it at home.

This is the crucial difference between BullionVault and holding “unallocated” gold with a bank, or dealing in exchange-traded gold shares through a stockbroker.

When a bank sells you unallocated gold, you become the bank’s creditor. It owes you the gold in other words, and you do not own the asset you’ve bought. The gold is only available to you if the bank remains solvent.

And if it doesn’t…?

Your BullionVault gold, on the other hand, will never be used, lent or sold by the vault where it’s stored. Nor is it merely “backed” by gold like a trust-based certificate.

Legally and in all eventualities, even a run on the banks…the collapse of the Dollar, Sterling or Euro…a stock-market meltdown…or a crash in the $700 trillion global derivatives market…your gold will be yours.

You can find out more at BullionVault now.

BullionVault offers you an easy, cheap and safe way of buying, owning, storing, and selling gold. Because it marries two technological breakthroughs that had both passed the precious metals market by entirely.

The first innovation is the Depository Trust Company’s model for making financial trading simple, safe and efficient. Just like CREST — the UK’s central stock depository in London — it keeps shares and government bonds in safe-keeping, immobilising them in a physical location.

Only ownership needs to change hands between buyer and seller, making for much faster and cheaper settlement. And at BullionVault — whose founder and director, Paul Tustain, developed I.T. systems to handle CREST dealing for Europe’s very biggest investment banks — this means all trades are settled instantly with gold that’s already safe inside the vault.

That cuts your risk of counter-party default down to zero.

The second innovation is modelled on Betfair, the internet-based gambling system based in the UK which matches orders from private buyers and sellers directly across the internet. This cuts out the middleman entirely at BullionVault, reducing your costs once again and giving you direct access to the dealing spread.

To test-drive this ground-breaking service for yourself today, starting with a free gram of Swiss gold, go to BullionVault now.

No middlemen, no delivery costs, and no risk of losing your gold if crisis hits the banking world. You can buy or sell whatever quantity of gold you like, starting from just one gram today.

Your gold investment will be stored and insured by ViaMat, the privately-owned Swiss storage company in your choice of New York, London or Zurich.

So if you don’t trust the government to leave your investments entirely in your hands, the option of storing gold deep underground in Switzerland may be of interest!

If you’ve not heard of ViaMat, don’t be surprised. This professionally-recognized bullion transporter and vault operator likes to remain quiet and discreet, just like its wealthiest clients.

But be clear on this point — ViaMat is not a bank. Instead, and for the last 62 years, it has simply stored valuable goods without getting involved in unallocated arrangements and other financial wizardry.

Keeping your gold in ViaMat’s high-security vaults makes the actuarial risk of loss so small that it costs only 0.12% per year to store your gold with insurance included. That’s less than a third what you’ll pay to store gold in a bank through an exchange-traded gold fund.

And thanks to BullionVault’s instant online trading and settlement system, you can take profits or add to your position the very moment gold makes the move you’ve been waiting for.

The live gold-market order board is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That gives you the chance to trade gold long after the London stock market closes, and even before Asia opens the next morning!

The crucial thing is that your gold will have stayed inside that specially approved bullion vault. So its resale value will be right up there with the “spot” price you see quoted in the newspapers and on the internet.

To find out more, and claim your complimentary gram of Zurich gold, just go to BullionVault now.

When you buy gold through BullionVault, you do NOT buy a financial security, like a share or a warrant. You’re buying the metal itself. It’s your property; it belongs to you.

But to keep your costs low, and to make sure you can sell your gold straight back onto the international bullion market…where the spread between ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ prices runs almost to zero…you simply take legal delivery via a custodian — ViaMat International, the leading secure vault operator in Switzerland — without taking possession at home.

You see, your gold is part of a Good Delivery bar. Weighing 12.4kg, these bars have a minimum assayed purity of 99.5%. BullionVault buys these guaranteed, market deliverable gold bars, and store them at ViaMat on your behalf.

“Of course, we accept the sensitivity of what we are doing,” says Paul Tustain. “Which is why we publish our daily audit. This means you can safely check your holding within the vault — from any internet computer anywhere in the world — and prove it to the actual physical bars evidenced by the ViaMat bar list that’s issued to us.”

This is so simple, but so important. When you open an account with BullionVault, you are given your own unique ‘nickname’. It’s only known to you, of course. No one else will know that you’re storing a portion of your wealth offshore.

Every day, BullionVault then publishes a full list of every single ‘nickname’ holding gold through its unique system. This list is published on a public internet page. And the sum value of the list (with your nickname on it, remember) adds up exactly to the value of the bar list issued by ViaMat.

In short, this means that you can see in a transparent yet discreet way what your holding in the system is, every day.

To open your account — and to start trading your complimentary gram of Zurich gold now — click through to BullionVault today.

“Love the service and the site,” says one British user of BullionVault. “Actually, your whole business model is a good one and like many excellent ideas is simple and just leaves me wondering why it hasn’t been done before.”

“If there is an easier route to purchasing bullion I have not found it.”

“I have yet to find a more convenient way to own investment-grade gold bullion…Excellent customer service, total security and peace of mind.”
Garry Knott,

“I think you have the best online service bar none. It seems to me the customer is guaranteed to obtain the closest to the spot price of gold via your service”

“Everything has been of excellent quality: service, information, explanatory steps (Help file) etc…Thanks a lot to you and your team.”

“Just a quick message to say I absolutely love BullionVault. Your website provides one smart, efficient service…I can’t see how it could be improved on!”

“I am new to gold ownership and had been looking to add some to my investment portfolio for some time…I came across your web-site and it was exactly what I was looking for – an easy method of buying, selling or just holding gold without any hassle, and at very reasonable commissions. The order board is very simple to use, even for a novice like myself.”

“Your company is just what I was looking for, great site with excellent information and a very intuitive navigation system.”

“FIVE STARS…The website scores highly for being easy to read and well-designed. It is clearly laid out for even an inexperienced user and the home page has links to detailed but simple instructions and FAQs…”

“It’s an absolutely incredibly good service/website, from everything to presentation, ease of use and security it’s very clear and a pleasure to use.”

Just what is it that’s got all these people so excited? To find out more — and claim your complimentary gram of Zurich gold now — go to BullionVault now.

PLEASE NOTE: We will receive a small referral commission for any accounts opened through this article. But the tiny dealing fees and storage charge you will pay would be no smaller without it.

And this ground-breaking service really does give you unique access to live gold market prices, cutting out the middleman and slashing the costs of investing in gold “dramatically” as the Financial Times recently noted.

To find out for yourself, go to BULLION VAULT now.

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