Free Gold — Now Waiting for You in Zurich

Free Gold — Now Waiting for You in Zurich

How to Claim a Free Gram of Investment-Grade Gold Today

IF YOU LIKE buying low and enjoy selling high, then you can’t ignore this free gift of gold today.

“Gold rose 600% in the 1970s,” says Jim Rogers, world-famous fund manager and best-selling author of Adventure Capitalist.

“Then gold went down nearly every month for two years. Most people gave up.

“But then it went up another 850%.”

Gold just pulled back again in early 2008. But “that’s what happens in bull markets,” as Jim Rogers says. And buying gold to join this bull market now could prove very rewarding if his forecast comes good.

Why not find out for yourself — starting for free today?

To claim a gram of FREE GOLD with the compliments of BullionVault — the world’s fastest growing private gold ownership service — simply click through now.

Worth more than $27 at today’s prices, your free gram of gold is safe and secure inside a specialist vault in Zurich, Switzerland.

It’s yours if you’d like it, for free, today.

Accepting this gift won’t put you under any obligation to buy or sell in the future. Nor will BullionVault ever rent, sell or abuse your email address.

This free gift of gold is simply to show you how easy it is to own investment-grade gold outright in your name with no risk of default.

BullionVault offers you direct access to the same investment-grade gold as the professional gold market trades. This means you can also access the same low dealing and storage fees that professional gold traders enjoy, too.

Using BullionVault, you may buy and sell from as little as one gram of gold up to 20 kilos or more. All deals at BullionVault are settled immediately with gold that’s already safe and sound inside the vault.

Only ownership and cash ever change hand, reducing your dealing costs “dramatically” as the Financial Times recently put it.

You can claim your FREE gold bullion here today.

BullionVault‘s online order-board also lets you quote prices and trade directly in Euros and Sterling, as well as in US Dollars.

So there’s a big saving here if you don’t have a US bank account, or you’d like to hold your savings in Euros while you wait for a dip in the gold market to get back in again. Because BullionVault cuts out the cost of currency exchange entirely.

The website’s full daily audit also shows that you own a unique quantity of investment-grade gold. Published each and every working day, this audit gives you a proven record of outright gold ownership, protecting your property rights against the financial performance of BullionVault, its suppliers and bank.

And your free gram of gold? It’s part of a large 400-ounce bar, warranted to be 99.5% pure gold or better. It’s sitting in a gold vault in Zurich right now, a vault used by professional gold dealers and banks, government agencies, global investment funds and ultra high net worth individuals.

You can now join them in owning investment-grade gold offshore in Switzerland. And choosing to own physical gold bullion, with no risk of default, might prove a valuable decision as today’s bubble in cheap debt explodes.

To claim your gram of FREE GOLD right now — and to start trading physical gold bullion on ultra-low fees — simply visit BullionVault here.

PLEASE NOTE: We will receive a small referral commission for any accounts opened through this email. But the tiny dealing fees and storage charge you will pay would be no smaller without it.

And this ground-breaking service really does give you unique access to live gold market prices, cutting out the middleman and slashing the costs of investing in gold.

To find out for yourself, go to BULLION VAULT now.

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