Administration Process



The administration process we use is the safest in the industry. We require the seller to provide us with (FCO) Full Corporate Offer. They should include the following documents, Company Registration, Government Assay, Safe keeping Receipt and copy of the signing company officials Passport:

  1.  (FCO) Full Corporate Offer.
  2. Company Registration,
  3. Government Assay,
  4. Safe keeping Receipt
  5. Copy of the signing company officials Passport.

We will then send the Seller an official Purchase Order that describes the terms and conditions for the purchase. The Buyer and Seller will sign the Purchase Order using respective Company Seals.


All of the transactions are bank to bank.  We use the International bank SunTrust bank, Orlando, Florida USA. We have had an account with SunTrust bank since 1979. They will provide references upon request. Once we have proof of gold (SKR). I will contact Suntrust Bank to provide sellers bank with financial capability of up to Million USD $1,000,000.00 for trial shipments.


We will keep on deposit in a SunTrust trust account an amount equal to the price stated in the purchase order. This is to demonstrate good faith that we the buyers can manage the transaction. We are already pre financed at the refinery to pay the seller, which usually occurs within 72 hours final assay.


Once the Sellers bank verifies the funds are on deposit. The Seller will then Ship Product CIF direct to LBMA refinery in Miami Florida, USA. The Seller will maintain ownership and control of the product until final assay. Once the final assay is completed and the product is proven to be of the quality and quantity that is stated in the purchase order.  Suntrust will then wire the funds as stated in the purchase order to the seller bank.


Importing gold from Africa has presented us with new challenges due to the 9/11 tragedy and the number of scams that are attempted by bad players. This has led us to be more innovative in developing administrative models that protect the seller and the buyer 100%. The old administrative processes that were used to import gold and financial instruments such as bank guarantees and letters of credit no longer provide either party with safety. The Our Buyer and its alliances have formed the safest most efficient administration process in the Industry.