Gold Dust


Just so you know (OUR BUYER) is a USA registered Corporation. We are not brokers but are a well funded buying Corporation. We have all the structure in place to close your gold offer and make a seamless transaction.  We have been approved and Bonded with USA Customs. (OUR BUYER) refinery account is with LBMA refinery. There are only three in the USA. We are pre financed with the refinery therefore everyone is guaranteed to be paid after final assay. We can send you the Internet link on line to verify our Corporate documents


In order to maintain a LBMA refinery licensed account, they put (OUR BUYER) through a criminal, financial and personal back ground check.  In addition USA customs runs a similar investigation so they are absolutely reliable. We contract with  Dunbar a world class insured freight forwarder to transport gold. We have a well established team in place to provide you the best of service.
We are all aware of all the scams and issues associated with gold and non performance by some sellers. The refinery has recorded over 10000 cases of non performance and scams most from West Africa. To insure a seller can perform (OUR BUYER)’S bank and refinery require all new sellers to complete a trial shipment. The Seller can ship any amount  from 1 to 25 kilos. The AU is shipped direct to the LBMA refinery. This is not an option, it is a requirement. The trial shipment is important for many reasons It will demonstrate you are genuine and can perform. This also starts are relationship builds the trust between you and (OUR BUYER). In addition the trial shipment will also help determine if your product requires any special processing or contains any contaminants. Once the trial is completed you can ship any amount we agree too.


Just so you know SunTrust Bank will provide the sellers bank with official funds verification  up to $1,000,000.00 prior to shipping. Therefore demonstrating (OUR BUYER) is financially capable, again (OUR BUYER) is pre financed at the refinery so it doesn’t make a difference.  (OUR BUYER) does not use letters of credit, bank guarantees or require the seller to post a performance bond.


(OUR BUYER) has been banking with Suntrust since 1979 over 30 years.  We will provide you with an excellent banking reference. (OUR BUYER) will sometimes reimburse the seller for expenses, depending on the price they pay for product. (OUR BUYER) will never advance any funds under any conditions. This is prohibited by our bank and refinery as they do want to be associated with any scams. (OUR BUYER) will conduct all business in Republic Metals Refinery (LBMA) which provides 100% security for the Seller and the Buyer.


All payments are made immediately after final assay. The process (OUR BUYER) uses is scam proof. If you agree with these terms we will continue, if not we thank you for considering our company. (OUR BUYER) is a very transparent, highly reputable company.  No seller has ever lost a cent. We want to be found, we want to do business.  If it’s real gold, everyone always gets paid.   I look forward to hearing from you.  We are anxious to get started.