A BUY/SELL PROGRAM RUN IN YOUR OWN BANK ACCOUNT IS A better Alternative to trade platforms credit facility requirements, shopped files and funds

The attached are all on the same program, the first is a synopsis and the following two are excel work ups to show returns

The following attachments are the description of the benefits of an alternative to trade platforms credit facility requirements, shopped files and funds in unacceptable “B” rated banks or having been blacked listed from over shopped files

A better Alternative to trade platforms credit facility requirements, shopped files and funds in unacceptable or “B” rated banks

Because of the situation with clients’ files having been or are being shopped so many times over the last several years the attached maybe a reasonable alternative to recover their reputation with the banks and get away from the broker scene so to speak.

This avoids dealing with platforms and their bank credit facility obligations and regulations.

Platform approvals are not required.

Maintains a low profile to regulators and over-site.

Avoids capital gains obligations with many clients.

And allows the clients to avoid any risk with their capital or reputation. The client controls their account.

Allows the client to use the returns to enter a new program unlike trades which are not allowed to re-trade returns.

Gives new DNA to the funds and allows the clients to recover their reputations and use these funds for project with out over-site.

If you are not in the European banking system, you will appreciate the importance of getting your funds into the EU banking system with your new DNA.

If this is attractive call me, let’s talk about it with principles.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time.

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