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Find out about Magnetic paper hazards to health and the environment.



No more storing printed receipts for years.  Daily reports are printed easily.  With terminals you can’t do multi-department processing, recurring billing, you can’t email receipts, and you can’t separate batches by department.

Because of this we give you the paperless Processing system for credit cards and checks that can process on your computer, iPhone, iPad, cell phone, and even on your website.  We help you to completely eliminate paper receipt storage from your business.  We give you complete online report instead of paper totals.  We also give you transaction history, enable recurring billing, email receipts, and you can separate batches by department.

We will match or beat your existing rates, give free equipment to qualified businesses.  We are a month to month company with no long term contract.  You can try our system risk free while keeping your current provider just to try us out.  Processing checks or cards means a next day deposit.  We serve tens of thousands of businesses, are level 1 PCI compliant with an A+ Rating on the BBB.

Did you know that paper receipts are hazardous to your health and can’t be recycled?

Effects of Paper Receipts - Click for Video
Effects of Paper Receipts – Click for Video

See our Business presentation at the links below.  Follow the prompts to the videos.  Then schedule a live demo with us and we will give you a link to test processing a payment.

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