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Owner:  David Williams – Bay Area Business Center

Note:  Since we are direct to either buyer or seller, we need you to provide us with complete information including website of the buyer or seller.  We have a lawyer who acts as paymaster and all fees will be done through a sub-fee agreement signed by all parties.  There is never a way to close a deal without putting buyer and seller together.

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Clearwater, Florida 33773   Skype:  babusinesscenter

The very best way to contact us is on Skype.  Please search for my Skype name “babusinesscenter” and request to connect with me.  This is far better than phone, email or filling our our form here.  All my business dealings are on Skype and the bonds can also be viewed on Skype with live webcam.

The only way we can do business in any of the areas we cover is to deal directly with the buyer or seller.  Our PAYMASTER will cover all intermediaries.  I have a signed trust agreement to that effect.  Please write me with any questions here:

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