Gold BullionOne of our main product is gold. We are direct to the mandate for many buyers of gold including banks and trusts as well as individuals. All offers will be considered. In order to find out if our buyer will purchase your product, please provide the following:

1. Type of gold (Bullion, dust, dore, etc. also <5 yrs or >5 yrs)
2. Location of gold (Europe, Hong Kong, etc.)
3. Amount of gold (Metric tons, Kilos)
4. Discount (7/5, 10/7, 12/9, etc.)
5. Name of seller mandate & seller and the contact information so we can deal directly with the mandate and/or seller  (This is typical in order to do due diligence on seller and also in order to make sure that we have open lines of communication between buyer and seller. Our buyer of 30 years knows most offers and this information will give a quick result to see if there is any interest)
(At this point if the buyer is interested we can provide the name of buyer and mandate)
(At this point buyer will give approval of seller and give his preferred procedure for closing the deal)
6.  Our buyer has a very simple procedure which will be sent for review.  If the seller does not accept this procedure we pass.
7. Our buyers will not issue an LOI unless the procedure calls for FCO first.  Then they will only issue an LOI to the seller named on the FCO with full contact details.

To find out more, please visit our gold website –

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