We are now direct to Trading Platform/Provider – AG/SWITZERLAND

2016-06-17 we have become an agent for “Investment-Banker/Securities Trader & Trustee, Investment-Banker. All inquiries only in written required and will be responded to with our guidelines ASK FOR THE COMPLIANCE PACKAGE. We are agents of sole signatory (CEO & Pres.) and provide our service for reliable, capable, proven and Approved Investors – Buyers – Sellers, who are established in the financial industry.

Our PROVIDER is an experienced (30 years) and high degreed/educated economist & former banker (swiss) “Lobbyist” and best recommended.

370..“A”..—–/trading – with a T1 – trader B2B – Bank-Trading-Contract min. 500 mio. € cash required up to…..no limit.

Feedback from professional and loyal bankers with the cooperation will be highly appreciated like to discuss.


June 2016
1.We are/have ”Receiver” with respective Accounts in Top EEC Banks to use for several Transfer Systems, like:
1.1. S2S,
1.2. EBICS,
1.4. MT-103 instant cash transfer for credit on same day,
1.5. SEPA – SDD (CREDITOR ID.-NR. issued by DEUTSCHE BUNDESBANK, – available-)

2. LTV-NRL (Loan to Value – Non Recourse) monetizing BG/SBLC (only!) Rating: “A” or better Issuing Bank , Ratio: 87% gross, 83% net/net. Min. 100.Mio. minimum up to unlimit. (not leased!) BCL required, confirming the delivery of the MT-760!

3. LEASING 6% of FC/BG-SBLC, +2%, for Direct Clients, no “Upfronts” , BCL required, two alternative procedures, min. 100 Mio. Euro – unlimited – ONLY DIRECT CONTACTS WITH THE LESSEE WILL BE ACCEPTED…..CIS/PP & CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION FIRST IS ENOUGH. 3.1. From the same Provider

(3.1) PURCHASE of FC/BG-SBLC > Contract 35%+2% isavailable (purchase/sales) same terms, conditions and feature of procedure like (3.)

4. BULLET/TEARSHEET-PROGRAM, [A.CH] minimum Invest 100 Mio. Euro/USD, (only with cash in a current business account unblocked (credit/debit balance
PROVIDER – AG/SWITZERLAND must be shown in the topical Tearsheet) 250% gross (70/30) weekly, short periods as agreed, -funds in Investors Account (not moved!)

4.1 2016.48 – SINGAPORE – TRADING PLATFORM (DBS)-[A.CH/Al.Bern] accept > “SBLC/LOC” “A” or better rated Issuing Banks,, min: 200 MIO. USD/EURO face Value, 40-weeks Program

4.2 2016.70 ACCOUNT OPENING SERVICE (private & Corporate) in Singapore “DBS; OCBC; UOB”

5. PAYMASTER/TRUSTEE SERVICE (2.75%) and opening large current BUSINESS ACCOUNT SERVICE in top Swiss Banks. (feasable for trading & currency exchange transaction!) min. Deposit in the new account = 500.000.—CHF.

6. 2016.38 – FC/MTNs 50 Bi-Contract, 26%+2%; 6% Cpn., 10 Y. (for DIRECT INVESTORS/BUYERS only) EUC/DVP PROCEDURE write david-williams@tampabay.rr.com or Skype:  babusinesscenter