We are direct to five Private Placement Platforms for generating funds for projects.  Our main one is in London and the trades are done in HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank.  The Trading Platform Programer is who we deal with and there are no brokers.  These types of platforms are for the purpose of raising money for projects, especially if they are to develope technology, put people to work, or generally benefit the general population in terms of growth, infrastructure, business, and employment.  We have some information that tells the background of these platforms and a description of how they work and we can send this to qualified persons.  However, we need the documentation below for compliance before that can be sent to anyone regarding this Platform Trading:


Here is a quote from the TRADING PLATFORM OFFICER:

<–Begin Quote–>

Ok I need a fresh tear sheet for the amount he’s going to trade and a POF signed by the banker, the trades are in HK and he must go to sign the contracts?

I also need the KYC and a CIS in detail….

J— M—–

<–End Quote–>

If you will contact us on Skype we can introduce you to the Platform Trading officer and also give you a secure email for your communications directly with him.  We will also send you the complete set of documents needed by email attachment.  Contact us for a list of trading options.

Contact us for introduction to trading officer and also Compliance Pack and sample POF doc.


Also, we can arrange a conference call with the Platform Trading Programmer as long as there is a real investor.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Capital Entry Requirements:


  1. None of the customary standards and practices that apply to normal, conventional business, investing and finance, apply to “trading/transaction-programs”. Personal business and financial success have virtually nothing to do with who you are and what you know, but almost everything to do with what you are and whom you know.
  2. It is a “privilege” to be invited to participate in one of our Private Placement Transaction Programs. It is not a “right.” These programs deliver unparalleled yields in combination with absolutely no program-related risk.  The trading administrators and managers have a virtually endless supply of financially qualified applicants. All things considered, the trading administrators and their banks will favour the applicant who provides the best paperwork.
  3. An applicant should never underestimate what the trading entities knowledge about him. Failure to provide full disclosure will disqualify the disingenuous.
  4. Generally, these programs exist to finance humanitarian projects, not to generate more money for the wealthy. Clients who have such projects usually receive preferred treatment and the highest yields.
  5. Clients must first prove that they are qualified, not the other way around. Until the client is accepted by Compliance, the Traders, and Trading Banks, no placement can occur. The U.S. Patriot Act has introduced obligatory stringent compliance procedures, which lengthens the time required to receive clearance.
  6. Face-to-face interviews with compliance officers and program management are occasionally required, but generally not necessary.
  7. Any arrogant or demanding personality will be guaranteed to be rejected.
  8. Only the principal owner of funds (or bank confirmed Mandate) is required as signatory. Corporations must empower an Officer or Director as sole, exclusive signatory by using a Corporate Resolution.
  9. Not only do the funds have to be on deposit in a top bank; they must also be in an acceptable Western (preferably) jurisdiction. If not, the funds must be moved to an acceptable jurisdiction, or else responsibly endorsed by an acceptable bank in an acceptable venue.
  10. It is felony fraud to submit documents or financial instruments that are forged, altered or counterfeit. Such papers are promptly referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for immediate criminal prosecution.
  11. The practices, procedures and rules are determined by the U.S. Federal Regulatory Authorities, Western European Central Banks program management, licensed traders and trading banks. It is their decision whom to accept and whom to reject. Contract terms, yield, schedules, etc., are made to fit their needs and schedules — and not the caprices or demands of the investors.
  12. This marketplace is highly regulated and strictly confidential, and absolute confidentiality by the investor is a key element of virtually every contract. A client who breaks confidentiality will precipitate instant cancellation of this contract, often with severe financial consequence.
  13. Submission of the application documents to more than one management group at a time is termed “shopping.” If an investor “shops” he can expect that this fact shall be quickly disseminated and known among the program management groups who maintain close communication — and he will then be accepted by none – and rejected (“blacklisted”) by all!

The Truth About Platform Trading

Questions and Answers


We are not traders or securities dealers.  We act only as facilitators and make introductions to persons that have authority in these types of activities.  We make no promises or claims about any activity and request that anyone who has interest make their decisions based upon their financial knowledge and request full disclosure before making any decisions. These transactions do not take place in the US and are not under SEC or other US regulations. Due diligence is recommended for any activity of this nature.  We are not bankers, stock brokers,  lawyers, investment advisers, hedge fund managers, financial consultants, trust managers, and we can only give access to persons who will define their role and any documentation connected to them.  Once you are introduced we have no further involvement or advice to give.  

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