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No contracts, monthly payments or hidden fees. Ever. Themes starting at $0!

Paint Brush

Designed to Engage

When your church is winning great first impressions you’ll be proud of your website.

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Save Your Money For Ministry

Get a great responsive look, built on the latest WordPress technology, for the price of a tank of gas. And no monthly fees!

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Enjoy Rock-Solid Support

Get all the help you’ll ever need from our WordPress experts in the Members-only Support Center.

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Choose What’s Right For Your Church

Every theme is available in Free, Standard or Developer editions so you don’t end up with any less or more than you really need.


Spend Your Time on Ministry

Don’t waste another minute trying to customize a business WordPress theme to fit your church. Use one of our church WordPress themes!

Church Building

No Other WordPress Themes Compare

Designed with The Church in mind, our WordPress church themes have features you won’t find in other “business” WordPress themes.


Sermon Media Publishing

With a searchable library, support for video, audio, study guides and podcasting built-in, your sermon content has never been so accessible.

Credit Card

Easy Online Giving

Start accepting gifts conveniently online through PayPal or EasyTithe with very little configuration.


Multiple Locations & Services

Use our Location Manager to show where your various services and events are being held while still presenting yourself as “One Church”.

Now running a church website is easier and more fun than ever before.

  • Antioch

Antioch WordPress Theme Preview

  • Calvary

Calvary WordPress Theme Preview

  • Trinity

Trinity WordPress Theme Preview

  • Urban City

Urban City WordPress Theme Preview

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