get-more-leads-potential-sales-customersWe currently have 5 million business leads in all 50 states with name, email, phone, business type and more. This is available for $395.00. 2016.3 USA Business 15.6 Million Sales Leads Sept. 3 2016 update for $595.00.

We also have a wholesaler who can provide databases for any state and most international companies. Here are examples of the kinds of leads that we have available:

USA Email Sales Leads

Opt-in Bulk Email and Phone lists are the email addresses and Phone Numbers that customers give when they make purchases. These are customers that happily gave their email addresses and phone numbers are waiting to be informed of deals, products, and services that pop up in their inbox. The best part is that you can have these lists targeted any way you like them.

Here are some specials with prices:

Hot deals

2016.2 Canada Businesses 1.6 Million Records Top Quality Fresh Database April 17 2016

2016.2 Consumer 170 Million Records All With A Phone Number. Home Owner Info, Credit Score Plus Many Other Details Updated 1-5-2016

2016.3 USA Business 15.6 Million Sales Leads Sept. 3 2016 update

2015.3 USA Consumer 200 Million Records Homeowner Information Credit Score, Email Addresses, Now Includes Cell Phone Data Updated 8-24-2015

2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 Payday Feeds


2016 10 Million Consumers 55 to 85 With Income of $29,000 Plus


2016 20 Million Consumers 55 to 85 With Income of $29,000 Plus


2016.2 USA Residential White Pages 160 Million New Fresh Sales Leads


Whois Registry Database Almost 150 Million Records URL, Name Servers, Registrars Name, Email, Phone, Worldwide


We also have individual states, fresh consumer leads for 2017.

Call for price for your state. Average price for the whole state is $175.00

Larger states like New York, California, Illinois and Texas would cost more.

To purchase, contact us first to tell us which database you wish to purchase on our contact-us page where you will tell us what you want to buy and an email for us to send your download link to. Then enter the amount below at the PayPal link. Within a few hours

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