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We get dozens of inquiries every day from brokers all over the world and have wasted hundreds of hours of time on people with no ability to buy.  Because of that we are now requiring that before we will discuss any bonds with anyone, we need to know the name of the buyer and his or her full contact information.  In addition to that we need the following financial capability letter from their bank or attorney.  We refuse to discuss, quote, or show on webcam the bonds and PASS-CO’s without this financial capability letter naming the type of bond that the buyer wishes to buy and naming the amount available based upon the prices here or based upon the amount that the investor desires to pay.  Please review this letter and have your bank or attorney prepare one with similar wording.  If you need to blow the letter up to a full page, click on the mark for the purpose in the upper right hand of the window where the document is displayed:

Make the letter out to BOND SELLER via David Williams of Largo, Florida,

191 Pieces—1908, $30 Million Pecos Capitalization, 1 Share/100 Pecos Denomination, Green, 30 to 34 coupons $9,900 each.  Includes PASS-CO Authentication.  Please contact us for quantity prices and we will also connect you direct with the owner who will show you the bonds on Webcam.

Please understand that the following will be supplied by the person, persons, or institutions that purchase the bonds from our seller and will not be provided by the seller except # 4 below:


  1. Passport – your passport if you buy the bonds.
  2. CIS – Client Information Summary – provided by the person who purchased the bonds and is taking them to Switzerland.
  3. KYC – All documents and attorney attestation letters are created by the new owner and his attorney so they can qualify for whatever they are wishing to do with the bonds.
  4. PASS-CO Authentication – comes with the bonds from our seller and he will (per the link above) provide any other information to help the new owner create the KYC and CIS.  He will never, however, provide those types of documents since he is merely selling the bonds with PASS-CO, nothing else.  Your buyer must wire the money to the seller after which the bonds are shipped by bonded courier.  We give all that is needed to verify with the bank and other sources to prove that the transaction is secure.  (See the above link.)  Seller is available on Skype to show the actual bonds and PASS-CO on web cam.
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